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  • We have a tie up with a reputed premium Research Institute,
  • Our R & D department has the support and guidance of this Research Institute.
  • We provide well documented and approved clinical trials Data for the formulations
  • We ensure of the quality compliance of the products as per your country’ FDA norms
  • The end-to-end service we provide is not complete without the expertise and commitment to comply with the industry’s increasing safety and quality requirements,
  • Ceego labs offer an extensive portfolio including: probiotics, prebiotics, sports nutrition, and an array of speciality ingredients.


The manufacturing facility consists of 3 Independent Manufacturing Blocks and 1 Separate Milling Room. The installed capacity is more than 10 KL per shift for Liquid orals with dedicated Stainless-Steel tanks for manufacturing and filling, 750kg granules for tablets per shift & 2000 Kg for Powder per shift.

The production areas have dedicated men and material movement passages, and each manufacturing block has dedicated clean corridors and airlocks.

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Production Area

Each manufacturing block has processing area and Filling for liquid orals & Capsules, Compression, Coating for tablets and primary packing area like Alu Alu & Blister Packing area for tablets & Capsules, Pouch filling, Induction sealing & Sleeving in Jars for powders with dedicated machines.

The corridors have Forced Draft Filter air filtered through 5 Micron filters. The primary filling areas have HEPA Filters with Air condition and controlled temperature & Relative Humidity.

The manufacturing area is supplied with Purified Water via a Loop System built as per ICH-GMP Guidelines.


The warehouse is equipped with 2 dedicated hoists for transfer of Raw Materials, Packing Materials and Finished Product. The entire passage of the warehouse is supplied with Forced Draft Ventilation. The Raw Materials and Finished Products are stored in dedicated rooms with Temperature Control and Monitoring.

Quality Control

The manufacturing facility is also supplemented with a well-equipped Quality Control Laboratory which has state of the art equipment like HPLC, FTIR etc. which are required for all kinds of pharmacopoeia analysis. A separate microbiology section with primary and secondary change rooms and Laminar Airflow unit is provided for carrying out microbiological analysis.

Environmental Management

The manufacturing site adheres to its commitment to the environment by treating the effluent generated by the site within the prescribed norms before discharging the same to the centralised effluent treatment plant. To this effect, a Solvent Stripping and Recovery System and an Effluent Treatment Plant has been installed and is operated and monitored on a daily basis.